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    If you want to advertise your company in the on-line game or want to have the game on your own corporate website you can have it now!
The game is also located at many sites typically associated with computer games
where every day hundreds of thousands of people around the world play it.
You can also be a sponsor of the game and post my game at home on the web site.
There are several options to promote your business in my game:
- Advertise your business in the course of the game loading .
- Advertise your business during the game
- Advertise your company in the game menu
- The whole game on your website.

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Having your own in-game advertising is possible in two ways:
- by agreement with the developer of the game or through an intermediary,
- which is one of the a portals dealing with finding advertisers for on-line gaming.

Your company may also be the main producer of this game.

If you want to advertise your Company- WRITE TO ME NOW !  

Types of advertising in the game:
- NORMAL [advertising in game menu and at the time of loading the game]
- EXTRA [advertising during the game]
- The whole game on your website.
- The whole game on your website with your Advertisings