I invite you to a social networking site for animal lovers - PetComet. Every kind of pets from around the globe! Among other things: dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, horses, ponies, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, chinchillas, gerbils, hedgehogs, vase, fish, spiders, birds ... find a place with us! :)

Show the world through service PetComet your Pets or Breeding

Let Everyone will know about your Pet, your pet or the whole Breeding! - Only PetComet Global service for all animals.

Places on the site:
  • Pet - your pet, along with descriptions, achievements, and photographs that can be assessed.
  • Guardian - the user site, most frequently a pet owner.
  • Adoptions - The list of animals you can adopt.
  • Shelters - Search the Animal Hostel.
  • Rainbow Bridge - a virtual graveyard for animals.
  • Breedings - Finder Animal Breeding, and information on it.
  • Notice Board - Local free classified ads to users PetComet.
  • Blog / Journal - Anyone can write a journal or blog.
  • www.petcomet.com